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Accelerate yourself with Fireside

Hi there! We are Stephanie Trang and Antoinet Van Dalen and we are building Fireside, the next generation of women’s networks.

Fireside is here to empower women to be themselves at work and reach their full potential, while driving awareness of the importance of gender balance.

Do you want to learn more about Fireside and what it can do for you? Read about our vision, our mission and activities here:


Our vision of the world

We are firm believers in making sure to be clear on why we are doing something and that’s why we decided to be clear first thing on what we believe in and set out our vision:

  • We believe companies should generate an inclusive workplace that attracts, develops and retains the best talent.
  • We believe companies should have a diverse workforce that reflects society and is in line with company’s customers.
  • We believe we can positively impact these issues while staying authentic and being ourselves at work.

We believe that many established companies as well as startups strive to be diverse and inclusive and a lot of people and teams shine as great examples. However, we see a reduction of women the further up the organization we look, there are many teams and areas that are extremely gender unbalanced.


We want to make a difference

The mission of Fireside is to positively impact these issues. We believe that to be able to make a change, both women and men should be involved in the conversation and our network. We are passionate about helping people and making a difference (however small) in their lives and careers, with our activities being focused on women who would like to accelerate their careers and lives.

Here is an overview of the activities we run to empower women professionals and entrepreneurs:

  • Personal and professional development workshops to learn how to gain confidence and improve yourself and your impact in business.
  • Mentoring to get feedback on the spot on how to improve your entrepreneurial and professional projects.
  • Masterclasses to better your professional skills and learn about innovation and tomorrow’s professions.
  • Networking activities to increase your network.
  • Conferences about leadership and discussions to drive awareness of the importance of gender balance.

We find it amazing how many people have reached out to us wanting to help, whether it’s to set up a mentoring scheme or to present at one of our masterclasses. It’s great how many people find the gender issue important and want to make a difference within society and in business.

We encourage all women entrepreneurs and professionals and companies to become a member of Fireside. Participate in our activities to move yourself and your company forward in order to enable a better gender balanced world!

Feel free to reach out if you would like to have more info or if you want to be involved in the movement.